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Trevor Wells

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MFPA Board Member Artist

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Mouth painter

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that our board member Trevor Wells passed away. Over many years of membership his outstanding artwork and unique style adorned countless M.F.P.A. Cards and Calendars. He will be most sorely missed by his Mouth and Foot Painting friends and colleagues across the world.


In 1978 Trevor Wells was playing for Uxbridge Rugby Club when a collapsed scrum changed his life forever. Left permanently paralysed it was impossible for Trevor to return to carpentry, his career before his injury, but following long months in hospital he was persuaded to try painting by holding a brush in his mouth. Despite having no previous interest in art, Trevor devoted the same attention to detail in his painting as he had with carpentry, developing a distinctive style which has made him one of the MFPA's most recognised and popular artists.

Trevor met his wife Shirley when she treated him as a patient in her osteopathy practise. Their relationship developed and they married in 1990.The couple now live overseas but his role as a Board Member for the MFPA requires frequent international travel to attend meetings, conferences and exhibitions. Trevor is still an enthusiastic rugby fan, despite his own experience, and endeavours to follow the game as much as his hectic schedule allows.

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