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Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds OBE

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MFPA Student Artist

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South Wales
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Mouth painter
Sunsets, Portraits and everything in between!

ROSALEEN (Rosie) MORIARTY-SIMMONDS OBE - Describes herself as a "Disabled Woman, Happy Wife, Adoring Mum, Author, Media Presenter, Actor, Artist, Successful Businesswoman and Socialite – constantly busy and totally content."

‘Becoming a mouth painter with the MFPA has allowed me to express my inner-most feelings, through strong, vibrant images and colour, that I hope reflects my personality; with the potential for my work to seen by a world-wide audience’

Rosie Moriarty-Simmonds

Born without arms or legs as a result of her mother having been prescribed the drug Thalidomide during pregnancy; this has not prevented Rosie from leading a full and active life.

She graduated from Cardiff University in 1985 with an honours degree in Psychology. Married Stephen, her lifetime friend in 1988. Their son was born in 1995, and in the same year she established the RMS Disability Issues Consultancy (

Rosie has been promoting Best Practice and Disability Equality by delivering Training to local, regional and national Government, Social, Charity and Business organisations for over 21 years. As a Vice President of the Cardiff Business Club, she has brought disability and equality issues to the attention of many eminent members of the South Wales business and entertainment world through her business and community work.

In June 2007, Rosie completed and published her autobiography - Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes. Re-published in 2009, the story continues through Rosie's regular blog at

Passionate about empowering Disabled People, Rosie dedicates much of her time to Voluntary and Charity work, including being a School Governor and mentoring children born with missing limbs. She has been involved in many organisations of disabled people, and worked with a number of country-wide organisations including The Equality and Human Rights Commission. You will often hear Rosie speaking at conferences, book clubs, schools and after diner events.

Rosie is also a freelance television and radio presenter. With regular appearances on BBC Radio Wales, she was commissioned by them to present four programmes called 'Rosie's World'.

Her hobbies are photography and acting. Rosie has performed in rehearsed readings of the 'D' Monologues by Kaite O'Reilly on three occasions, and has performed with the Unusual Stage School in a unique version of Aristophanes' Greek comedy 'The Birds'.

Rosie is the protagonist in the Thalidomide Memorial Campaign, which aims to mark the lives and achievements of Thalidomide Impaired people in the UK. It will also remember Thalidomiders, parents and loved ones who sadly did not survive to live a long, full and active life; and honour those who worked to secure justice for the people touched by the tragedy.

Having always enjoyed art, Rosie is delighted to have been accepted by the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists Association as a Student Artist, to develop this skill. Rosie has shown her dedication to the MFPA by assisting, painting and exhibiting with fellow members on many occasions. She is particularly proud of the very successful Exhibition held for the first time in South Wales in May 2014, and of her first solo exhibition in August 2014.

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