Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Jacky Archer

JackyArcher Photo.

MFPA Student Artist

Lives in:
Painting style:
Mouth painter
Landscape, animals, especially cats

Jacky Archer was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1985, although she continued to work until she lost the use of all four limbs in 2002. Stuck at home, Jacky's Occupational Therapist suggested that she attend a Day Centre, but Jacky was horrified at the thought - she was just 49. However, she did go along and began to try painting by holding a brush in her mouth, encouraged by patient staff at the Day Centre and her ever supportive husband, Les.

 Jacky believed that she had no aptitude for art, in fact she gave up art at school at just 13, to the relief, she says, of her art teacher, but Jacky surprised herself and her family with her efforts. After much perseverance she produced a painting of one her cats that spurred her on.

The gift of a book about the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists inspired Jacky to contact local Student Artist Alan Wells who encouraged her to submit some work to the Association. This resulted in Jacky's acceptance as a Student Artist in 2008. Jacky still uses her cats as willing models and enjoys painting landscapes subjects, too. She had her first solo exhibition in the Barbican in April 2010. The event was a great success boosting Jacky's confidence and spurring her on in her artistic endeavours. 

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