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Artist Featured On ITV’s ‘This Morning’ Show

Artist Tom Yendell featured in a remote interview from his art studio that appeared on the ITV’s ‘This Morning’ Show.

Phil And Holly In The Studio
Show’s presenters reveal Tom Yendell’s painting.

The show’s anchor presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby talked with Tom about why he naturally uses his feet to do things. Tom explained that although he uses his feet to do those things that most people will use their hands to do, he also uses his mouth and chin too.

Born without arms because of the thalidomide drug, from the outset, when his mother first visited him in his hospital crib, the scarf around her neck dangled over Tom, which he spontaneously grabbed with his foot. He described it as the ‘post-natal grip’ which is a natural instinct in the ape kingdom. Tom added that although he went on to paint mainly with a paint brush held in his mouth, he has more recently found that painting with his foot gives him more freedom.

During the interview Tom drew the viewer’s attention as to why Christmas cards are even more important this year with people being so isolated by the virus. He went on to describe why every year, the income from MFPA Christmas cards are so important to him and his fellow artists, of which there are around 800 worldwide and there is huge kudos attached to having one of your cards chosen to be one of the images used in the MFPA’s annual Christmas card selection. Referencing Tom’s ‘Three Kings’ card from this year’s collection, Phillip Schofield said “They are beautiful”.

The interview ended with Holly Willoughby revealing Tom’s painting of the ‘This Morning’ studio with a Christmassy feel, which he produced specially for the Show.

Tom Yendell Artwork
‘Three Kings’ card foot painted by Tom Yendell.

Around 1 million people viewed the show live, and the clip was also posted online to a possible 1.2 million monthly users. The interview was also covered in the Daily Mail and Yahoo websites, with all the exposure truly galvanising people to visit the MFPA website and purchase their Christmas cards online.

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