Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Bazza demonstrating his mouth painting at the Eastbourne Fun Day

Sussex based mouth painter Bazza West had some fun demonstrating his mouth painting skills at the Eastbourne Fun Day that took place on Sunday 4th August at the Seaside Rec.

Fortunately, as the father of a young child himself, Bazza is used to the distraction of children around him while he is painting, although preventing ice cream from dripping onto the canvas proved to be a bit of a challenge.

The popular annual event was opened by Eastbourne Mayor, Steve Wallis and thousands of people attended the festivities. It is the first time a mouth painting demonstration has featured at the Fun Day which created considerable interest with the visiting public.

'Eastbourne Fun Day was about showing that whatever life throws at you, if you believe, you can achieve.  It was great to show people how we create our images on canvas by mouth, and just how it is important to have fun by doing whatever makes you happy' - Bazza West.


09 August 2019