Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Our 'Learn To Paint' series

Looking to be inspired or even to learn a new skill? Our Mouth and Foot Painting artists are here to help, with our new ‘Learn To Paint’ series.

Follow along as our artists teach you how they paint without the use of their hands, due to physical disability. Learn their artistic techniques, and even try it yourself as they do – with your mouth or feet – if you’re brave enough!

To make it as easy as possible for all abilities to follow along – particularly if you want to try painting with your mouth – some of our artists have provided a design outline to help get you started. Don’t worry if you don’t have a painting set at home, we stock them in our online shop here

‘Christmas Pudding’ silk painting tutorial by Tom Yendell 

Learn the basics of silk painting – stretching fabric over a wooden frame, drawing out your image in indelible pen, creating your lines with gutta (which stops the inks from bleeding into each other, like a barrier), and fill in with colour ink. 

View the complete tutorial here

‘Penguin in the Snow’ watercolour painting tutorial by Vanessa Haarhoff

Our Christmas-themed art tutorials continue… this time with Vanessa Haarhoff’s watercolour ‘Penguin in the Snow.’ A masterclass for all ages in where to begin with watercolour painting. 

View the complete tutorial here

‘Happy Little Snowman’ watercolour painting tutorial by Bazza West

Follow along as Bazza paints his ‘Happy Little Snowman’ design by mouth, with top tips to help you get started. If you don’t fancy painting with watercolour, you can still follow the design with whatever materials and paints you have at home.

View the complete tutorial here

Learn how to paint this juicy burger design in a step-by-step tutorial from mouth and foot painter, Tom Yendell

Tom will teach you how he draws the burger design with his mouth, and apply paint to complete the piece. For any little ones needing a helping hand with getting started, Tom has created a handy design outline so they can skip straight to the painting! Available to download here. You can watch Tom's tutorial here

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Hedgehog Tutorial by Mouth Painter Rosie Moriarty Simmonds

Our second tutorial in our ‘Learn to Paint’ series comes from artist Rosie Moriarty Simmonds, OBE with her cute and colourful hedgehog design. For any little ones needing a helping hand with getting started, Rosie has created a handy design outline, available to download here. You can watch the tutorial on how Rosie created the design here.

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Rainbow Tree tutorial by Mariam Paré Mouth and Foot Painting Artist

While kids and parents are looking for things to do together while stuck inside, the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists has launched different challenges for the month of April! For this week's theme "rainbow" join the fun and try this simple painting tutorial Mariam made for beginners.

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'Learn to Paint' with Bazza West – Mouth Artist

Our first tutorial comes from mouth painter, Bazza West. Here he teaches you how to paint a beautiful daffodil, inspired by a flower in his garden.

Bazza’s handy outline of the design, seen in the video, can be downloaded here to get you started, or watch the tutorial on how he created the design here.

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